Three in One Productions is pleased to offer 2 new short pieces suitable for services.

Fireside Conversations in the Wilderness features a couple sitting in a wasteland, desperately trying to keep warm by a dying fire as the night draws on. They cannot hope to see the dawn. But there isolation is disturbed by a series of visitors, each one of which has an impact on their situation. In the end 3 remarkable things happen.

The play which runs for about 30 minutes can be present by a cast of between 4 (2 male, 2 female) and 7. It is aimed at encouraging church going people not to simply sit by the fireside warming themselves, but to go out into the darkness and wilderness beyond so as to draw new people in.

Fireside Conversations in the Vicarage starts like a normal service preparation meeting amongst the worship team. As the evening moves on one of the group shares the thought that perhaps if they were to discard the formal liturgy and simply provide some simple food to share then they might be emulating the happenings of the early church as reported in Acts 2. By sharing the wonder of what God was doing in their lives and the needs and concerns of those gathered in fellowship perhaps remarkable things could happen.

The play is similar in length and casting to 'Wilderness' and is aimed at encouraging a church to giving it a go. Remember in those days of the early church there was no liturgy, no service plan - no sermon even - but daily more were added to their number.

These short pieces have been written by Roger Price who has been creating accessible dramatic material on the Christian theme for many years. As well as full length shows like ‘Parables’ and ‘Minstrel’s Song’ he has also written pieces suitable for worship and other situations. Most of his work can be accessed through his website from where copies of both scripts can be download.

Three in One Productions is committed to sharing their shows with anyone who would like to have them. They make no set charge for their productions, inviting their hosts to make a donation of what they can afford towards their expenses. If you would like any further details about these shows or any of the past or current work of the company please contact us as shown elsewhere on this website.